Boy Kills World - Theatrical Release

The first "must-see" of 2024

James Whittington
Monday, April 29, 2024

Boy Kills World

Certificate 18

Signature Entertainment

It’s been a long time since I saw movie and was blown away by its precision storytelling, high-octane action sequences and high entertainment value. Boy Kills World is not only one the of the most inventive movies I’ve seen in a long while, it’s also one of the most violent and blood-splattered too.

Bill Skarsgård stars as Boy, a deaf-mute with a vivid imagination, driven by his inner voice, one which he co-opted from his favourite childhood video game. He avows revenge after his family is murdered by Hilda Van Der Koy, the deranged matriarch of a corrupt post-apocalyptic dynasty that left the boy orphaned, deafened, and voiceless. Boy trains with a mysterious shaman to become an instrument of death and is set loose on the eve of the annual culling of dissidents. Bedlam ensues as Boy commits bloody martial arts mayhem, inciting a wrath of carnage and bloodletting. As he tries to get his bearings in this delirious realm, Boy soon falls in with a desperate resistance group, all the while bickering with the apparent ghost of his rebellious little sister.

From the very first frame this movie grabs you by the throat and doesn’t let go for the whole duration. It’s a visual delight with a script so sharp you could cut glass with it. The idea is solid and Skarsgård is obviously having the time of his life here. There is so many set-pieces it’s very difficult to choose a stand-out moment. The fight choreography is breath-taking, and accompanied by sound effects which ramp up the already violent imagery.

Skarsgård is support by a cast who allow their characters to fully come through, Jessica Rothe as June27 and Yayan Ruhian as Shaman are incredible to watch. Yes, I know they had stunt doubles for certain scenes, but their performances are incredible. Judos must also go to Michelle Dockery, Brett Gelman and Sharlto Copley who provide some light relief as the damaged Van Der Koy family.

Director Moritz Mohr has delivered one of the coolest movies of 2024, a film which is destined to become a huge cult favourite. Do yourself a favour and try and catch this on the biggest screen you can, you can thank me later.