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Frightfest Saturday Scares with Alan Jones S1E7 "What Have You Done to Solange"
Saturday, June 22nd
Alan Jones, screens 'What Have You Done to Solange?,' a 1972 Italian giallo film, marked by mystery and suspense in a tale of murder at a girls' school.
The Horror of Frankenstein
Sunday, June 23rd
The infamous Victor Frankenstein is back to body building but his creature is a violent monster who soon goes on a murderous rampage.
Sinister Cinema with Chris Alexander S1E7 "The Mask"
Monday, June 24th
Chris Alexander presents The Mask; A psychiatrist acquires a tribal mask that, when worn, plunges him into a nightmarish world of phantasmagorical horrors. His obsession with understanding the mask's power leads him down a spiralling path of madness and destruction.
The Crazies
Tuesday, June 25th
A small town is infected with a military-engineered virus, turning residents into violent, deranged killers. A group of survivors must navigate the chaos and find safety while avoiding both the infected and the military sent to contain the outbreak.


Don't Say Its Name9:00 pm

Shortly after a Native anti-mining activist is killed in a mysterious hit-and-run, horrific murders start occurring in the snowfields of his isolated reserve. A police chief and a Metis veteran investigate, confronting a world of ancient myths.



The Hunger S2E1 "Sanctuary"11:00 pm

A young drifter with a serious shoulder wound show up at an abandoned prison seeking help from a famous, but deranged, artist.

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