Meanwhile on the Discovery Screen…

Two world premieres are lined-up this evening

James Whittington
August 24, 2023

Today at FrightFest also has the first movies on Discovery Screen 1 which gets underway with the new movie from the creative who helped deliver Ibiza Undead, Midnight Peepshow, The Ghosts Of Monday and Grindsploitation, Andy Edwards. Punch follows a young girl, Frankie who wants one last night out in her coastal hometown. But it's not just friends, family and ex-boyfriends that don't want to see her leave... Local bogeyman Mr. Punch is stalking the town, and he knows just The Way To Do It. As the carnage escalates, Frankie and friends must fight to stay alive in this seaside-gothic, end-of-the-pier slasher. This is a fun hack‘n slash flick with plenty of gross deaths to enjoy and will (fingers crossed)lead to a new British horror franchise.

Following this is another world premiere, Lore. On a weekendtrip to Scotland, four 'scare' loving friends book a ghostly horror-themedcamping excursion. That night around the campfire, Darwin, their strange andcreepy guide encourages them to tell the most twisted stories that they fearand to burn a totem that will help feed the evil that lives there. Tales ofsinister spirits, demons lurking in the shadows and the truest forms ofmalevolence emerge. Little do they know the stories they relate will have majorconsequences for them all. For some of the most unbelievable stories might bebased on fact and should never be told. None of the NYX crew has had the chanceto catch this but really are looking forward to seeing it on the big screen.