FrightFest 2023 - Interview with Bo-ra Kim star of The Ghost Station

A chat with the very talented actress.

August 27, 2023

The Ghost Station is a tense chiller and we've been luck enough to chat to its star, Bo-ra Kim.

NYX: Did you know from a young age that you wanted to act?

BK: No. I've been an actor since I was young, but at first, I didn't have a strong will because I started it simply at the recommendation of my parents. It was in my early 20s that interest in acting increased, and since then, I have been thinking about what I do.

NYX: Had you heard of the Oksu Station Webtoon before you auditioned for the part of Kim Na-young?

BK: When I was a student, I remember lying on my bed and watching the original webtoon with tension. At that time, it was the first time to have a moving webtoon, so I fell in love with it even more.

NYX: What did you think of the script when you first read it?

BK: I was wondering how the webtoon would be expressed as a feature because it was short, but the story was completely different from the webtoon, so I read it with more interest. Among them, I liked the fact that the relationship between the character and the changing state naturally flows in a scary atmosphere.

NYX: How did you approach your character of Kim Na-young?

BK: I read the scenario and thought about "Kim Na-young." At first, the professional part of journalism was unfamiliar, but when I read it again focusing on the fact that I was a beginner in society, I began to understand Na-young's behavior. The more I read about the character's desire for success, the more active the work, and the more self-directed side, the more I sympathized, and Na-young's response to learning the truth of the case came to me convincingly. As I read Na-young's words and actions slowly and thought about it, it gradually became accepted as friendly.

NYX: She is a very head-strong woman, did you base her on anyone you know and how much of you is in the character?

BK: I think Na-young is a person who pursues her goals with excellent execution skills. I wonder how I can achieve my desired goal if I quit when others tell me to quit. Of course, if you harm others, you should quit, but sometimes I think it's necessary to have a moment when you shouldn't give up your beliefs or thoughts in society. I was able to immerse myself more because I thought that my personality was a little similar to that of wanting to know the truth of the case clearly. On the one hand, I think this subjective and actionable character, Na-young, could be one of our friends, acquaintances, and office workers who can meet enough in our lives.

NYX: The film is very intense with plenty of jump-scares, what was the atmosphere like on set?

BK: One of my favourite genres is horror, so I filmed it comfortably and happily. Everything from special make-up to the filming site was interesting, and it was summer at the time of filming, but it was mainly indoors on dark nights, so I didn't have much to sweat, so it was a particularly good memory.

NYX: Have you ever had a boss like Kim-Na-young has?

BK: I think you are a person who can meet naturally in social life. Many characters, including those who lie for their own benefit, those who are stingy with praise, and those who steal the credit of their juniors, were expressed in the movie in combination, but I think it will be one of the points that many audiences can sympathize with.

NYX: What’s it like filming on location at what seems to be a working train station?

BK: It's a very familiar space for me, who usually uses public transportation, so I filmed comfortably. At the time of filming,there were times when I felt like it was a set because there was only our filming team, but since it was a real subway station, I was able to focus more on the shoot.

NYX: Will you be nervous/excited when The Ghost Station has its UK premiere at FrightFest 2023?

BK: Actually, I was really surprised when I first heard that it was going to be screened in the UK. But I'm more excited than worried. It is a moment when excitement and tension coexist as to how the audience would have seen our movie and how the actors would have felt.

NYX: So, what are you working on at the moment?

BK: First of all, we are filming a drama called 'Flowers Bloom in Sand' set in Ssi-reum, one of the Korean sports. I play the mysterious character "Ju-miran" in the play, and I have a strong charm that penetrates the inside of the other person and flies straightforwardly. In addition, I am filming a short film with a director who likes occult. It's my third time working with the director, so I'm having fun filming it.

NYX: Bo-ra Kim, thank you very much.