Directorial debut, a legend speaks and a trip to the darkside – Day 5 of FrightFest (Discovery Screens)

Another busy day on the Discovery Screens

James Whittington
August 28, 2023

Day 5 has something for everyone to choose from especially those who like to know how the industry works.

In Screen 1 the documentary Not A F**King Horror Story follows Otto Baxter, a filmmaker with Down Syndrome as he directs his first short, The Puppet Asylum. Heartfelt and honest his work reflects the challenges he has faced in his life as his allegorical movie charts the life of a horned baby through years in captivity and ultimate revenge.

There’s a chance to see more new talent in action with the Short Film Showcase 3. Here another 11 pieces packed with invention are exposed on the big scree to a captivated audience.

Over on Screen 2 genre legend Nick Vince brings the movie adaptation of his acclaimed story to FrightFest, I Am Monsters! Well-known for his debut role as the Chatterer in Clive Barker's HELLRAISER, and Kinski (Moon Face) in the cult shocker NIGHTBREED, this is a resoundingly nostalgic and relatable tale of growing up in love with horror, and an essential discourse on the turmoil of 'growing up gay' under draconian Thatcherian rule where the closet was always safest.

If you want something totally different Good Boy just might be the movie for you. Millionaire heir Christian meets student Sigrid on a dating app. Meeting up at his mansion, she's shocked after their liaison to encounter his dog, Frank. Problem is Frank is a man dressed and acting like a dog - therapy Christian says for his friend with a traumatic past to cope with stress. Concerned at first, Sigrid gradually comes round to the pet 'puppy' antics and starts dating Christian properly. Then he asks her to spend a weekend at his country cabin where events take a completely unexpected turn and their whimsical romance lurches into shocking horror.

More movie madness on Screen 3 with Minore from Konstantinos Koutsoliotas. On a summer night at the Greek seaside, a sudden mist descends, and strange creatures start to plague the city, attacking people and drawing others into the sea with horrific dreams. A group of musicians join forces with a lost sailor in search of his wayward Greek father, along with a waitress, a bodybuilder, their grandmother, some local criminals and an undead priest to fight back against the otherworldly invaders. Can they save their city from intergalactic attack?

The Darkside of Society looks at one of the most controversial movies of the 80s, Brian Yuzna's Society. Told with a terrifying surreality the movie detailed what the rich were doing to the poor in shocking, sexual detail. But did you know it was based on truth and took inspiration from the satanic ritual abuse carried out by the Beverly Hills elite Keith family? Or that son Woody Keith changed his name to Zeph E. Daniel and co-scripted the movie to exorcise the demons from his violent youth? This is the full appalling story of how Daniel's autobiography became a classic chiller for the ages.