Dangerous technology, a true classic and a Christmas to remember – Day 5 of FrightFest 2023 (Main Screen)

Is really Monday?!

James Whittington
August 28, 2023

Unbelievably it’s the final day of FrightFest 2023 but the event is going out with a bang with another fear packed day for attendees.

The day starts with a warning about the dangerous of technological advances in Takeshi Kushida’s My Mother’s Eyes. Billed as a psycho fantasy it concerns a mother and daughter who achieve love and honesty through imaginary bodies when a futuristic contact lens device, with a built-in-camera and VR goggles, changes their lives forever. Original and disturbing this is a great way to start the final day.

Later Mark Kermode will be here to introduce a special screening of William Friedkin’s The Exorcist -The Version You Never Saw. We’ll have the chance to enjoy once more the head-turning, vomit-spraying, anti-religious obscenity that remains an assault on the senses retaining its hypnotic, powerful grip that transcended the genre and took this traumatic masterpiece into the terror stratosphere. A movie that never ages in impact and design, this is the only way to watch this masterpiece.

FrightFest 2023 ends with the return of director Jenn Wexler, The Sacrifice Game. It's bad enough that elite boarding school students Samantha and Clara can't go home for Christmas. But things take a deadly turn for the worse when a murderous gang of cult killers arrive intent on summoning a demon. What must the girls do to survive the night? Jenn delivered the incredible movie The Ranger back in 2018 and we’re all dying to see what she has for us today.