And so it begins…FrightFest Day 1

NYX will be there!

James Whittington
August 24, 2023

Finally, after months of waiting the finest horror movie festival in the land begins today, Pigeon Shrine FrightFest 2023. NYX is proud to be one of the sponsors of this event and will be around all weekend so if you see anyone in NYX t-shirt do come up and say hello to us!

NYX will be reporting from the event with pictures, info and interviews with the creatives behind the movies so keep checking back and checking our social feeds.

Looking ahead to what’s on offer today well it all kicks off at the Main Screen with the European premiere of Joe Lynch’s Suitable Flesh. Just days ago, Elizabeth Derby was a successful psychiatrist with a loving husband and the world at her fingertips. Now, she finds herself locked up inside a psych ward after the murder of a young male patient to whom she had an inexplicable, almost otherworldly attraction. Hoping to clear her name,Elizabeth confides in her doctor and recounts what happened, giving way to a bizarre and disturbing tale of sexual madness, supernatural horror, and homicidal rage. Billed as “A cinematic love letter to the late, great Re-Animator director Stuart Gordon” it stars the legendary Barbara Crampton (who also produced the movie) and has already gained acclaim across the Atlantic.

Then you need to hold your breath for The Dive where two sisters with a close but complex bond go on a deep-sea diving trip to a beautiful but remote beauty spot. During their dive, May is struck by a rock from a landslide above the water, leaving her trapped on the seabed 28 meters below the surface. With dangerously low levels of oxygen and cold temperatures taking their toll, it's up to Drew to fight for her life, which in turn puts her own in jeopardy. Not had a chance to see this one yet but as it’s based on the Swedish thriller Breaking Surface it we’ve high hopes for it.

Final movie of Day 1 on the Main Screen is the world premiere of urban horror Cheat. On the surface it's believed to be another legend - a supernatural being from the afterlife, Clara Miller, is violently killing anyone who cheats on their significant other in the small college town of Silvercreek, Pennsylvania. But the town's unusually high suicide rate is finally convincing both locals and college students that everything is not as it seems. When student Maeve sleeps with Charlie, the married man of the host family she is staying with, both senses the deadly curse is closing in on them. For in Silvercreek your sins are not forgotten.Tense with a great sense of dread running through it this chiller from Nick Psinakis and Kevin Ignatius is well worth checking out.

As the saying goes, “Let the games begin” and we’ll see you on the other side!